Dustin Mooney was born in North Carolina and raised in Florida, and he started life under highly unusual circumstances. He was born without an esophagus, but he never let that stop him from getting where he wanted to go. His name, after all, means "valiant fighter," and that is exactly what he has had to become. 

Throughout his short life, he was able to attend school like all the other kids, but he had to do this while he was undergoing more than 300 surgeries to correct his ailments. He made it all the way through Catholic middle school at a time when he was enduring trials and tribulations that few children are forced to endure, so he definitely lived up to his name. While at Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School, he had a spinal fusion surgery, but that only kept him down for a short while because he was on the golf team in the very next season. 

After graduating from Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School in Spring Hill, Florida, he chose to attend the University of Central Florida for his higher education and became one of the UCF Knights. He graduated from this school with a degree in political science with a focus on international relations. 

During his sophomore year in college, Dustin joined the team at IZEA and remained there for seven years. He put his political science education to good use when he joined the staff at McClatchy, an organization that covers political news from Washington, D.C. He became a client success manager where he managed a team of 13 digital strategists. After leaving IZEA, Mr. Mooney became a director of client services for 3VE, but he stepped even further into the political ring by joining the team of "John McCain for U.S. Senate." He spent his time with this campaign as a campaign staffer. 

Since he has lived with adversity all of his life, Dustin wanted to make a difference in the world. After his service for the campaign was over, he served as an advisor for REBUILD Globally, a worthy organization that works to improve the lives of the people of Haiti. He also performed aid work in Kenya. 

As you might have guessed, Mr. Mooney has an adventurous spirit, and along with Kenya, he also visited Haiti, Australia, Mexico and Honduras. These travels gave him the chance to participate in rock climbing, photography and golf. He also enjoys leisurely activities, and one of those is drinking craft beer. When he has a chance, he likes watching the movies "Casablanca," "Inception," "A Beautiful Mind" and "Gladiator."

Dustin's medical history couldn't keep him on the sidelines, so sports is another highly important subject for him. He makes a point of watching his favorite teams as much as he can, but he isn't a snob when it comes to sports because he enjoys watching a mixture of professional and college teams. The Carolina Hurricanes is his favorite pro hockey team, and Chelsea is his favorite pro soccer team, but he also loves college football and college basketball, specifically the UCF Knights and the Tennessee Volunteers. 

Dustin Mooney discovered that he missed the North Carolina countryside and recently returned to live there permanently.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund BurkE